Top 17 Sustainable Gifts in Eugene, 2021



Have you finished your holiday shopping yet?  No?!  Me either.  Despite the fact that we're continually being told to shop and ship early this year, the holiday season has only just begun.  Whether you're just looking for a few more gifts to finish you list or you haven't started yet (that's me!), here are some great gift ideas that support local artists, artisans, farmers, and small business owners in our community while putting very little strain on the environment:  



There's no sweeter gift than locally produced honey, so if you have a loved one with a sweet tooth, or a foodie friend this is the perfect gift!  Our community has a wide range of honey options and gifts, so you don't have to settle for anything plain-jane.  Check out these options for some fun ideas:

1. Blackberry Honey from Humble Bee Honey - The flavor of this honey can't be beat, and you can rest assured that the honey is produced sustainable and the bees are well cared for.  Find jars of this amazing local honey at Market of Choice, Natural Grocers, and New Season's Market. (Go for the BIG jar.  You won't regret it!)  Find out more about this sustainable honey farm by visiting the Humble Bee Honey website.

2. Queen's Bounty Honey Variety Trio from Queen's Bounty - A fun variety pack of local honey that includes a jar each of Blackberry Honey, Wildflower Honey, and Forest Flower honey.  Order from their website and they'll deliver if you live in Eugene or Springfield!

3. Small Batch Habanero Honey from Glory Bee  - While not made entirely from local bees, this hot and sweet honey will definitely kick up the heat on any holiday charcuterie board, and a portion of the sales are donated to Honey Bee research and Colony Collapse Disorder.  Family run since 1974, Glory Bee is a certified B Corporation.  Order online, or visit their store/warehouse in person at 29548 Airport Rd, Eugene, OR.



Who doesn't love the warm glow of a candle during the dark months of winter?  You can support local artisans by buying handmade candles to add that cozy glow to the season.  Here's a few local candle rockstars:

4. Sea Salt + Orchid Botanical Candle from Earth Elements Candle Company - A vegan option for candle lovers, these candles are 100% coconut and soy wax and oh-so-chic!  Choose from many different scents when you shop from their website, or visit their booth at the Holiday Market at the Lane County Fairgrounds every weekend until December 24th.

5. Large Pillar Candle from Little Bee's Candle Company -These hand-poured beeswax candles are naturally scented and keeping it simple- no fuss, no additives, just long-lasting candles.  Shop their website or purchase at Market of Choice, Hiron's Pharmacy (18th Ave), or Sundance Natural Foods.  



Truly the gift that keeps on giving!  The best part about a flower subscription is it's not just something to be opened in December and then forgotten.  It lasts from month to month and extends the initial excitement of opening a holiday gift. Despite the fact that most of the flowers sold in the U.S.A. are grown in Central and South America, Eugene has a lot of options for flower lovers!

6. Pay-as-you-Go Flower Subscription from Foxbound Flowers - With this flower subscription you don't have to pay for a full season of bouquets up front!  You get to choose your price point and frequency, and end the subscription whenever you want.  You don't have to wait until spring, either.  Foxbound Flowers sources all their product responsibly, utilizing local flowers when possible, and sourcing from California and the Pacific Northwest outside the local growing season.  Order from their website. (Foxbound Flowers also offers pre-paid 6 month and 12 month subscriptions at a variety of price points)

7. Spring Flower CSA from Formosa Flowers - Five weeks of sustainably grown local flowers, this CSA starts in early April and may include favorites such as Tulips, Ranunculus and Anemones.  Reserve you CSA spot online.  


Unique Experiences

If you live in Eugene, you already know it's unique.  Support local small businesses and give the gift of a unique adventure to someone you love.  Here are a few adventures you may not have heard of:

8. Picnic with Carl the Goat from Fraga Farms -Get a tour of Fraga Farms, then enjoy handmade cheeses while relaxing by the nearby pond.  You don't have to carry the picnic basket- Carl the goat will be accompanying you and carrying the snacks!  I mean, seriously, why would you NOT do this?!  You'll probably need to wait until spring, but I can guarantee the person on your list who has everything does not have this!  Book your Picnic with Carl the Goat online. (While you're there, don't forget to bring home some of their amazing goat cheese!)

9. French Cooking and Farm Stay from AppleTree Farm - Get away from it all without burning a lot of fossil fuels. Enjoy a stay on a small picturesque farm just outside of Eugene- peruse the garden, visit the Gotland sheep, and take advantage of the spectacular scenery of the Willamette Valley.  Add custom options to your stay such as a French Breakfast, wool working activities, or French cooking activities. 


10. West Indies Rub Seasoning from Mountain Rose Herbs

Spice up your life with a little organic flavor from Oregon's first TRUE Zero Waste Certified (Platinum Level!) business.  Transport yourself to the Mediterranean, spice things up Cajun style, or add some organic Mesquite flavor to your next Barbeque!  Perfect for the foodie on you list, the griller, or anyone who eats food, really.  Check out their website for more seasoning blends, or make your own blend with bulk spices and give them to your favorite people. 


Evergreen Wreath

This festive gift is long-lasting and will add color and cheer to any doorstep! Eugene's proximity to evergreen foliage is unparalleled, so take advantage of these beautiful and artistic creations.  

11. Fully Biodegradeable Wreath by Foxbound Flowers -  This biodegradeable wreath is handmade using local evergreen foliage and pinecones, and fasted to a dried vine frame instead of metal so when it's done you can compost it!  (Put it in your municipal yard waste/compost bin!).  Available for delivery by Electric Vehicle.  Order online.

12. Evergreen Wreath by Charles Little & Company - These artistic wreaths are made from evergreen foliage grown right on the edge of Eugene.  Pick out your favorite wreath at the Charles Little & Company Farm Stand located at the base of Mount Pisgah (open Thursday-Saturday 9-5) 


If you're not familiar with Marley's Monsters yet, you're missing out!  This Eugene company is proving that style and sustainability can go hand in and when it comes to housewares.  

13. Napkins and Rings Gift Box from Marley's Monsters - This classic set of black and white reusable napkins and napkin rings comes already packaged and ready to ship!  Perfect for the person in your life who loves to entertain!  Order online and have it shipped! 

14. UnPaper Towels from Marley's Monsters - I know cleaning items aren't a sexy holiday gift, but these cute unpaper towels are so easy to use and might be just the thing to break your Aunt's paper towel addiction.  Choose from numerous solids, prints, and even holiday designs.  (Don't forget the holder!)  Order online and have it shipped.



15. Pomona Grapefruit Gin from Thinking Tree Spirits - This delightful adult treat is made locally and responsibly sourced.  Add some simple syrup, a dash of lemon juice and some Champagne (recipe available on their website) and you're ready to impress on New Year's Eve!  Order online and have it shipped anywhere in Oregon, or visit their location at 88 Jackson Street  Eugene, Oregon.

16. Willamette Valley Pinot Noir from King Estates Winery - This family operated winery is dedicated to making quality wines using organic and sustainable farming methods.  A Biodynamic(C) Vineyard, the vintner uses owls, kestrels, and beneficial insect species to deter vineyard pests. Order online and have it shipped.


17. Family Membership from Cascades Raptor Center

The Cascades Raptor Center is a community jewel!  Dedicated to the Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Release of Raptors, it serves as a community beacon for education and awareness about the native environment of the Pacific Northwest.  A membership helps support education programs, rehabilitation programs, and avian ambassadors while members get to visit as many times as they want throughout the year.  Viewing the majestic and beautiful raptors never gets old, and is a great way to connect with nature and spend time together as a family. Order a membership online. 


Do you have a eco-friendly gift idea that's not on the list?  Add it to the comments below, or email kelsey at to add it to the next list!




Kelsey Ruhland


Kelsey Ruhland

We run a sanctuary and folks can sponsor the animals as a gift. The can receive a card from the animals, a video tour featuring the 12 snacks of Xmas and /or merch that benefits the sanctuary.
Many of the surrounding sanctuaries offer Patreon , which is a monthly subscription (cancel at any time) which would work as a gift as well .many are also selling calendars this year. Possibilities are endless!
Great list- thanks for putting it out there!
Our Linktree has the details of our sponsorship, merchandise and Patreon if you’d like to take a look. Thanks!!

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