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We've curated a collection of beautiful, easy-care plants sourced from growers in Oregon and the USA. Great for beginners, or practiced growers, each plant comes with a tag including it's name and basic care tips. 

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air plant in blue star-shaped ceramic bowl with clear plant mister
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Hand Made Plant Stands
non-toxic tropical indoor plant in black ceramic pot or concrete pot
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large water garden with dracaena and pothos in clear glass bubble bowl
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Lucky Money Tree -  (Pet Safe)
Phalaenopsis Orchid
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spider plant in modern cement and white pot
Large Dracaena (Dragon Plant)
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Lime Green Philodendron
Golden Pothos
Golden Pothos
monstera plants in black ceramic or concrete and white pots
Dinner Plate Air Plant (Xerographica Tillandsia)
Sansieveria Plant (Snake Plant)
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Phalaenopsis Orchid Bowl