Responsibly Sourced
Expertly Arranged

Delivery to Eugene and Springfield, Oregon

Now you can have fresh, responsibly sourced flowers delivered to your doorstep in Eugene, Oregon and Springfield, Oregon for only $9.99. Pickup is also available for no charge. Order online to schedule a pickup time.

Seasonal Flowers

Our arrangements reflect what's seasonal and fresh in the local and domestic market RIGHT NOW, and come arranged in our unique and artistic design style. Because the locally grown flowers are changing week to week, new designs are always unfolding.

What's in Season: Snapdragons, Sunflowers, Dahlias, Zinnias, Marigolds, Sedums, Asters, Lilies, Scabiosa, Celosia, Amaranth. . .

Our online arrangements reflect only some of the flowers we have in stock. Order from our online selection, or call 877-755-2867 to see what other blooms are currently available.

New Grower Partnerships!

We've added new local growers to our list of Growers/Partners! Find out where your flowers are coming from during the local growing season and meet the people your purchase supports.