Where are you located?

When do you deliver?

How do I send a message or greeting with my flowers?

How do I care for my flowers?

How long will my flowers last?

My flowers didn't last 3 days, now what?

Why are your arrangements available for such a short time?

Where do your flowers come from?

Why is your product all sold out?

Do you do special orders?

How do I find out who my flowers are from?

Do you do wedding and event flowers?


Q: Where are you located?

A:  Foxbound Flowers is open BY APPOINTMENT ONLY at 1262 W Lawrence Street Eugene, OR 97401.    Since our sales are web-based, this location is not open for walk-in sales.  Please call to make an appointment, or place an order online for pickup (choose a time slot that's convenient for you!).



Q: When do you deliver?

A:  We deliver Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm.  Orders placed after 3pm may be delivered the next business day.  Delivery is $9.99 within Eugene, Oregon and Springfield, Oregon.  If you are farther than 7 miles from our studio, additional fees may apply- please call 877-755-2867 to order.

Sorry, we can not guarantee specific delivery times.



Q: How do I send a message or greeting with my flowers?

A: Scroll to the bottom of your shopping cart, and enter your message in the box that says, "Is this a gift?  Add a Card Message Here". It's to the left of the Subtotal of your shopping cart and before you start entering the shipping information.  

Don't forget to add your name to the bottom of the message so the recipient knows who sent the flowers!  Mystery flowers aren't always fun- they can get creepy. . . .



Q: How do I care for my flowers?

A:  An important question!  Keep flowers out of direct sun, away from drafts, fans, and heaters.  Change their water every 1-2 days.  Click the link below to get more tips and tricks to extending the life of your flowers.

Flower and Plant Care by Foxbound Flowers



Q: How long will my flowers last?

A:  Although the vase life of flowers varies from flower to flower, we're sure our flowers are top-notch! Your flowers are guaranteed for 3 days, but often last longer.  See our policies page for more about our guarantee. 


Q: My flowers didn't last 3 days, now what?

A:  Yikes! We're sorry to hear that.  Although we take all the necessary steps to ensure freshness, please keep in mind that flowers are living things, and are affected by many things in their environment before and after they are cut.  (It's nothing personal!) 

If your flowers didn't last 3 days, please email us at allears@foxboundflowers.com or fill out a contact form here.

Include your

  • Name
  • Phone number (so we can reach out to you)
  • A snapshot of your flowers (in some instances this can help us diagnose a problem, and correct it in the future) within the 3-day window after receiving your flowers.  Sorry, requests made after the 3-day window can not be honored. See our policies page for more information. 



Q: Why are your arrangements only available for such a short time?

A:  Foxbound Flowers is part of the Slow Flowers Movement and we are dedicated to sourcing all our product locally when available and responsibly (from California and the Pacific NW) when the growing season is over.  Since this market is much smaller, there is more variability in the product available at any time.  Simply put, our arrangements change frequently to reflect the product available.   Some products are only offered for a week, while some are offered longer if the product is still available on the local or domestic market.  

Florist's tip:  Choose a Designer's choice arrangement at any price point during the summer months and into the fall.  The local product turns over really fast and don't always make it into our online collection. 



Q: Where do your flowers come from?

A:  Foxbound Flowers is dedicated to sourcing flowers (and plants!) as responsibly as possible.  This means sourcing as much product from local growers as possible.  During the growing season (May-October) most of our flowers come from within 15-75 miles of Eugene, Oregon.  When the growing season is over in the Wilamette Valley we source ALL of our product as close to home as possible (California and the Pacific NW).  This helps keep our ecological footprint smaller by reducing admissions from global shipping practices.  Learn more about our growers.

DID YOU KNOW  only about 10% of the flowers sold in the U.S.A. are produced domestically? 



Q: Why is your product all sold out?

A:  Every week we have a set number of arrangements for sale.  Once they're all sold out, there won't be any more until our next shipment or order arrives.   This helps us ensure that all the product in our shop is the freshest it can be!  

In order to ensure that you get the arrangement of your choice, be sure to order as soon as arrangements as possible.



Q: Do you do special orders?

A:  Foxbound Flowers can make you an arrangement that you don't see online, but please remember our product changes frequently to reflect what is available on the local and domestic markets.

   To arrange a special order call 877-755-2867 or fill out our contact form here.



Q: How do I find out who my flowers are from?

A:  If the sender chose not to leave their name on the sentiment card, you can find out who sent them by filling out our contact form here or emailing allears@foxboundflowers.com or calling 877-755-2867.  Please see our policies page for more information.



Q: Do you do wedding and event flowers?

A:  Yes!  Please call 877-755-2867 to set up a consultation, or fill out a contact form here.