5-Day Guarantee

At Foxbound Flowers, we're passionate about bringing the best flowers to you, so you can celebrate the joy and beauty of every day.  We're so sure our product is fresh, that we guarantee it for 5 days.  Yes, 5 days!  If they don't last for 5 days, we'll replace them.

Although we do everything we can to ensure freshness, please remember that flowers are perishable, and living and can be affected by many things in their environment before and after they are cut including (but not limited to) temperature, humidity, weather, care and handling, cigarette smoke, etc.   If your flowers do not last for 5 days, please remember the following:    

  • Flowers can only be replaced if Foxbound Flowers is contacted by the recipient of the arrangement.
  • Foxbound Flowers must be contacted within 5 days of receiving the flowers. We will not replace any arrangements if contacted after the 5 day guarantee window. 
  • You can contact us at allears@foxboundflowers.com.  Please include your name, address, a phone number (so we can reach out to you).
  • You may be asked to provide photos of your arrangement- this helps us diagnose problems to ensure that they are corrected in the future.  
  • You will be required to return the original arrangement, with the original vase (we'll pick it up when we deliver the fresh one).  
  • Because our inventory is always changing due to local product availability, your replacement flower arrangement may be different than the original, but similar in value.

Proper care is important in order to get the most from your fresh flowers. Please read our Flower Care page for information on getting the longest vase life from your flowers.



Foxbound Flowers delivers Tuesday-Friday 9am-5pm.  Currently, we can't accommodate exact delivery times.  We can not issue refunds for arrangements that required a specific delivery time.    

In order to make deliveries as efficient as possible, each recipient will be called ahead of time, and their arrangement may not be sent out until the recipient confirms they are available to receive a delivery.  Foxbound Flowers will never leave an arrangement on a doorstep without permission from the recipient. 

At Foxbound Flowers, each recipient has a right to know who their flowers were sent by.  A recipient can request the first and last name of the sender of their flowers if a name is not signed on the sentiment card by emailing allears@foxboundflowers.com.



We do our very best to show you exactly what you're getting!  That's why we have fresh new designs posted every week on our website with the freshest,  most local product available at the time.  Because flowers are live, perishable product and susceptible to environmental factors beyond our control, we reserve the right to substitute any flower with a similar flower(s).  We'll make sure that you're still getting the same value in your arrangement, and that it still looks fantastic!