Our Customers

We're committed to bringing joy and beauty to your every day by delivering the freshest, most beautifully designed flower arrangements and plants. Since we are a web-based business, we're able to focus solely on honing our craft, and letting our passion for flowers shine through our work without the disctraction of large inventories and seasonal displays.

Don't love your flowers?  Please let us know! email Kelsey at allears@foxboundflowers.com.

Our families

Small businesses can be a ton of work, but we are committed to a healthy work/life balance to promotes strong families.  We promise to be there for every holiday, recital, and homework problem that we possibly can.  After all, what brings more joy in life than time with our loved ones?

Our Community

As a locally and independently owned company, we are committed to supporting our community by sourcing our products from local growers, supporting local artists, and supporting other local artisans and businesses, and entrepenuers.   Find out more about our local partners/growers.

Our Environment

It's important for each of us to do our part in protecting our planet.  The choices we make today will have an impact on the world we leave for our children.  We're committed to using the most environmentally responsible practices possible. As part of the Slow Flowers Movement, Foxbound Flowers is committed to sourcing product as close to home (Eugene, O.R.) as possible. We'll inform you where the product is from, so you can make informed buying choices.  Reducing our waste stream is a high priority, as well as carefully managing the waste we do produce (75% of our waste is composted). 

Environment (continued)

Foxbound Flowers is determined to find ways to avoid using disposable plastic items (seasonal piques, vases, cellophane wrap, cardettes), floral foam, glitter, ribbon, or artificial flower dyes.  Your money is being spent of flowers, not plastic trinkets that end up in the trash.  When your flowers expire, you can remove the rubber band (if present), and compost 100% of the arrangement (excluding the vase, of course).

Though most glassware and containers are presently made in China,  we work to find items made from recycled glass, and/or manufactured in the USA. We are currently working on sourcing locally made pottery vases and flower pots.  

Meet the owner

Kelsey Ruhland has been working in the floral industry since 2008.  As the founder and former owner of Crabapple Floral in Bismarck, ND, she worked on every day arrangements, events, and specialized in wedding work.  Her work was featured multiple times on popular blogs such as Wedding Sparrow, Magnolia Rouge, and Style Me PrettyDainty Obsessions, and Rock and Roll Bride Magazine.   

Born and raised in North Dakota, Kelsey moved with her husband and daughter to Eugene, Oregon in 2019 to explore a love for outdoor activities, big trees, food trucks, and the coast.  She is excited to be part of a growing community of artists and entrepeneurs, and to live in a city where Daffodils and Dahlias are growing everywhere you look.  

Our Business Model

An online local floral shop? We know it's different, but we're sure you're going to love it!  Each element of our business is crafted to ensure that our flowers are always fresh and responsibly sourced, our designs are always different, and your experience as a customer is streamlined for efficiency.  With a couple clicks you can have the best flowers in Eugene delivered right to your door!