Tips for Eco-conscious Wedding Flowers


You want a beautiful wedding, but don't want to leave an enormous carbon footprint?  Here are a few simple tips for planning your eco-conscious wedding flowers.  

  • Choose a florist with sustainable or eco-conscious business practices including responsible product sourcing, foam-free designs, and no single use plastics. 
  • Opt for locally grown flowers if possible.  If you're wedding is outside the local growing season, request domestic product instead of imported flowers. 
  • Use second hand containers for your centerpieces.  Find unique vessels at a thrift store, Grandma's attic, or your own kitchen.  They don't all have to match.  You can also rent containers or return containers to your florist for reuse after the wedding.
  • Donate your flowers after the wedding.  Drop them off at a nursing home, gift them to the employees at your favorite non-profit, or give them to your local Ronald McDonald House.  (Make get permission and arrange it ahead of time).
  • Have a friend or family member bring the flowers to the wedding.  If they are already headed to the wedding in an empty car and live near or are passing by the florists', have them stop by the florists' shop on the way.  This reduces carbon emissions from fossil fuels (and saves you money on delivery costs!).  This is especially useful for weddings outside of the city.  
  • Compost your flowers.  Inform your florist ahead of time that you would like to compost your flowers after the wedding so they can use as many biodegradeable materials as possible.  They can also inform you what can be composted and what can not.
Kelsey Ruhland

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