Foxbound Flowers is opening the studio doors to YOU and your pals to help you get through the long, gloomy months of winter!  Get your hands dirty, arrange some beautiful flowers, listen to music, and sip on your favorite beverage.  Sounds therapeutic, right? 

Each session includes vases and the foliage and flowers to fill the given vases (some exclusions apply).  Schedule a session just for yourself, or bring along some pals (session price is per person).  Participants are welcome to bring wine or other beverage.  Coffee or tea is complimentary.

Each participant will be set up with vases, tools, and flowers (and a little direction from the florist).  The rest of the session time is unguided and participants are free to let their creativity take over (within the limits of the session price).  Additional guidance or instruction can be arranged for an additional fee of $40/hour. 

Schedule your session during the business day, on an evening, or a weekend. 

YOU MUST CALL OR EMAIL AFTER YOU PURCHASE TO SCHEDULE YOUR SESSION.  877-755-2867, allears@foxboundflowers.com.


SESSION OPTIONS: (rates are per person)

$50 'Therapy' Session:

  • comes with three small vases to fill (sized from bud vase to pint jar) and takes approximately 30-45 minutes*

$100 'Therapy' Session:

  • comes with three medium sized vases to fill and takes approximately 45-90 minutes*.


*The time it takes to fill the vases varies from person to person - this is a suggested time frame.

 **Flower 'Therapy' is a simple act of self-care attended by a florist and not a registered or licensed medical therapy from a therapist or doctor.