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If you're spending money on flowers, you want to get the most from them!   You want them to look stunning in your home, not fade into the background.   

Here's how to get your flowers to look like the arrangements in magazines!



Tip #1: Keep it Simple!

If you look closely at pictures of flowers in home magazines, you'll notice something they all have in common -  they're keeping it simple.  Choose only 1 to 3 different kinds of flowers for your arrangement.  Arrangements with less variety will be more impactful in any room or office because your eye and mind will interpret the arrangement as one large object.  If there are too many different flowers in the arrangement, your eye and mind will interpret the arrangement as multiple little objects, thereby decreasing the readability and impact of the arrangement in a room.  
PRO TIP: For the highest impact, use only ONE variety of flower!   Keeping it simple applies to color as well.  Choose flowers in all one color or color family for the highest impact possible and an effortless yet classic look.  Too many colors will be read by the eye and mind as multiple objects, where an arrangement with color harmony will be interpreted as one item.  



Tip #2: Location, Location, Location!

Getting impact out of your flowers depends a lot on where you put them.  Where should you place flowers in the home? The highest impact places for flowers are places where there is plenty of empty space around them (hence, the center of the table being a classic place for flowers).  If you place your flowers on a cluttered end table or bookshelf, your flowers will just fade into the clutter.  A windowsill is a great place for small arrangements or budvases, and the frame of the window creates a natural frame or space around the flowers. The truth is, a well-placed small arrangement can be much more impactful and memorable than a large and grandiose arrangement!  PRO TIP: Place your flowers in front of a mirror to double their impact!



#3: Make them Pop!

Add an extra layer of zing to your flowers and make them really stand out by considering color and texture.  Place flowers against a colorful wall of a contrasting color (i.e. pink flowers against a green wall) to make them really stand out.  Consider the vessel your flowers are in as well.  Flowers placed on a dark table will pop more in they're light colors or white.  Flowers on a glass table or light color should be bright or bold to make them stand out.   Get creative with your vessel!  A contrasting color vase or container can really make your flowers pop as well.  Consider orange flowers in a blue glass vase, or red flowers in a green pitcher!   



Not sure what flowers to use for your high-impact arrangement?  Read this article for the 13 best flowers for cut arrangements.


Kelsey Ruhland

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