MAKER'S MARATHON 2023: Beaded Essential Oil Diffuser with Alexis Screen (Sunday 3:00pm)


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Beaded Essential Oil Diffuser

Sunday, April 23rd 3-4pm

Instructor:  Alexis Screen

Where:  Foxbound Flowers Studio - 1262 Lawrence Street Su.#2 Eugene, Oregon

Join Alexis in this unique crafting workshop where you'll get to create your own oil diffuser using lava beads!  A great way to make your home or car smell great, each diffuser includes a prism bead to make beautiful rainbows as well.  Pick your own lava bead colors and prism, and get step-by-step instructions from Alexis on constructing  you diffuser and adding essential oil to it.  Take home your diffuser and a vial of essential oil as well!

This workshop is an hour long and includes one lava bead/prism diffuser and a small vial of essential oil.