DAHLIA LOVER'S Pay-As-You-Go Subscription



Oregon's finest Dahlias are grown right here, and now you can enjoy the beauty and variety of novelty Dahlias in your own home! Choose the desired frequency of your delivery, you'll be billed at the time of each delivery. Each week we’ll  choose an assortment of colors, sizes, and shapes of beautiful, local Dahlias that will surprise and delight you!


  • You choose the price point
  • $20 bouquet = approximately 7-10 Dahlias
  • $30 bouquet= approx. 11-14 Dahlias
  • $40 bouquet = approx. 15-18 Dahlias
  • You choose the delivery frequency
  • Recurring billing with each delivery
  • Flowers are sourced locally, and grown sustainably- no harsh pesticides!
  • DAHLIA LOVER'S Subscription is available until the end of October only

Your first bouquet delivery will include a classic vase. Subsequent deliveries will be flowers only.