Contemporary Tulip Bowl



This beautiful contemporary design features a classic glass bowl packed with colorful, contrasting Tulips that were grown in Oregon!  It’s perfect for a colorful birthday wish, cheery  ‘Get Well Soon’, or thoughtful ‘Just Thinking of You’ wishes.  

Tulips continue to grow after they are cut, so the tulips in your arrangement will continue to get longer, larger, and grow in various directions.


  • choose your size; small or large
  • Small (10"Hx10"D), contains approx. 25 Tulips
  • Large (14"Hx15"D), contains approx. 55 Tulips
  • Tulip colors and varieties will vary
  • Tulips may come in various stages of opening 
  • 100% of these flowers were grown in Oregon (Oregon Flowers, Inc.)
  • Please place in your municipal composting/yard waste bin when flowers have completed their lifecycle.
  • No wire, tape, glue, floral foam, ribbon, or single use plastics included

Delivery to Eugene and Springfield, Oregon is $11.99. Pickup also available (free).