Boston Fern - Extra Large



The classic Boston Fern is a favorite of plant lovers for good reason- it adds a blast of color and life to any room in the home or office!  With regular watering, this easy-care plant will delight you all winter long!  Move it outside in the shade for the summer.    

This plant benefits from being occasional or regular misting. Pair it with our Plant Mister for a complete gift!


  • This plant is 36"”H x 36”D 
  • Grown in the USA
  • choose from a grower's pot (plastic with hanger, with drainage holes) or a ceramic pot (China)
  • tolerates bright indirect light, medium indirect light, or lower light conditions, or bright fluorescent lighting 
  • water regularly, benefits from light misting

 Delivery to Eugene and Springfield, Oregon is now only $10.99. Pickup also available (free).