Air Plant Gift Set

$35.99 $49.99
With/without Plant Mister: Airplant with Bowl & Plant Mister


A unique and easy-care plant, this Xerographica Air Plant comes in a colorful, handmade star-shaped ceramic bowl.  Place your beautiful Air Plant on a windowsill, table, desk, or anywhere there is bright, indirect light.  No soil or potting medium is necessary.  Air Plants can absorb water through their leaves, and need to be misted or sprayed with water regularly.  Comes with a handy plant mister to keep your air plant well hydrated.


  • Size is approximately 4" x 5" (not including outlying tendrils), but can vary
  • Air Plant grown in the Pacific Northwest
  • Blue 'Soft Star' Ceramic Bowl is 4”D x 2”H (bowl made by Foxbound 
    Flowers in Eugene, Oregon)
  • Plant mister is clear glass, 6"H, made in China 

Delivery to Eugene and Springfield, Oregon is $10.99.  Free in-store pickup available.