Classic Calathea (Pet Safe)



Calathea Plant (Ka-Lay-Thee-uh)

This classic house plant has a striking and dramatic look.  Beautiful patterns adorn one side of the leaf while the undersides are dark purple/red.  Place in indirect light and water regularly.  This plant is considered non-toxic for dogs and cats (although it's never recommended to let your pet eat your houseplants), and also includes air purification qualities.

This plant benefits from being occasional or regular misting. Pair it with our Plant Mister for a complete gift!


  •  approximately 26”H x 14”D (although size can vary from plant to plant)
  • Air plant sold separately
  • Choose from a cement pot made in house, or a classic ceramic pot (China)
  • tolerates bright indirect light, medium indirect light 
  • water when top of the soil is dry.
  • This plant is NON-TOXIC for dogs and cats

 Delivery to Eugene and Springfield, Oregon is now only $10.99. Pickup is available (free).