This bright arrangement features colorful favorites- Sunflowers, Snapdragons, Leucadendron, Solidago, Feverfew Daisies and Roses.  Responsibly sourced from California growers, and arranged in a hand made box made from repurposed cedar fencing.  


  • Small Arrangement is approximately (18”H x 12”D)
  • large arrangement is approximately 23”H x 16”W
  • flowers sourced as close to Eugene, O.R. as possible 
  • Container made from reclaimed wood and handmade in Eugene, O.R. (includes a watertight inner liner/container made from repurposed materials)
  • Flowers are compostable-  Please place in your municipal composting/yard waste bin when flowers have completed their lifecycle.
  • No wire, tape, glue, floral foam, ribbon, or single use plastics included

Delivery to Eugene and Springfield, Oregon is now only $11.99.  Pickup also available (free).