Dutch Greenhouse in Oregon

If you've ever wondered what the greenhouses of Holland look like on the inside, this is as close as you get without actually being in Holland!  Before I toured Oregon Flowers, Inc.  I assumed that the company tag 'Flowers grown with a Dutch Touch' was a marketing gimmick, but now I know they aren't posing- this is the real thing! 


Since Foxbound Flowers is dedicated to knowing where their product comes from, I was excited to see the greenhouses, but I was not prepared for what I saw.  My tour guide was a second generation Lily grower, Tyler, who's parents (the owners) Martin and Helene Meskers moved from the Netherlands to the Willamette Valley in the 1970's, worked for a few years on a bulb farm, and then pursued their own American Dream by opening their own Lily growing operation.

2nd generation Lily growerLilies growing in the greenhouseHarvested Tulips waiting to be packagedLily bulbs growing in bulb crates  

Oregon Flowers, Inc. is a perfect example of technology in the floral industry, and they never miss an opportunity to use it.  The only things done by hand? Planting, cutting and some packaging.  Everything else is done by technology- watering, temperature control, soil sterilizing, composting, spraying, even lifting and stacking bulb crates is ALWAYS done by a machine.  The end result?  Perfection (or as close as you can get when working with a living plant).  A consistent, super fresh product every time.  The quality is second to none.  

There are few things I love more than flowers and efficiency, and Oregon Flowers blew my hair back with both.  You can take your own tour!  Visit their website and  give them a call to set one up!  https://oregonflowers.com/

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