How Your Flowers are Affected by COVID19


As floral wholesalers across the country close their doors due to COVID19, domestic flower growers are feeling the strain. Many growers, especially those who grow on a large scale, sell the bulk of their product to wholesale businesses, who then sell it to retail florists. Since the supply chain has been interrupted, many growers are scrambling to get their product directly to florists to recoup their lost sales. This may seem like an easy fix, but growers may struggle to change their sales systems and shipping logistics on-the-go.

Tyler Meskers, Vice-President of Oregon Flowers, Inc. in Aurora, Oregon says before COVID19 80% of their sales were to floral wholesalers. The closing of wholesalers and delivery routes leaves Meskers, who specializes in Lilies and Tulips, with a logistical nightmare, and often leaves costly air travel as the only shipping option. When asked what this means for the future of growers, Meskers says, "Only time will tell. Flowers are still in need, and direct selling is a new way for our business to sell our product. We think our quality will set us apart from other growers". 

Kelsey Ruhland

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